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July/Aug 2018

July/Aug 18

July/Aug 2018

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FibreValley is a community led campaign to see next generation high speed broadband services universally available to homes, farms and businesses in the Worth Valley, West Yorkshire.

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Out & About
What's happening in the Worth and Aire Valley. We aim to highlight the best indoor and outdoor activities and events in the area.


Eating Out
Reviews and advertorials of the best places to eat in
the area. From cream teas to chicken tikka masala we have informative and entertaining guides on a monthly basis.


Pubs, Clubs & Entertainment
Advertorials and reviews of pubs in the Worth and Aire Valley. Real ale, pub grub and the best entertainment on offer.



Shops & Services
Butcher, Baker or Candlestick Maker, this page will give you a glimpse of what's going on behind the scenes with profiles of local traders and businesses.

Worth & Aire Valley Mags, your local business directories with a community minded focus.

liz barker

Some are saying this year is like the summer of Ď76; that glorious heat-wave that went on and on. I donít know, I canít compare because I wasnít living in the UK at the time.

All I can say is that weather- wise this has been the best summer since I moved here in 1990. Letís enjoy every ray of sunshine coming our way.

Local lass, Amy Firth, begins a new recipe column for us this month starting with a healthier option for tray bake brownies. Donít be put off by the unusual ingredients...they are delicious, honest!

Haworth Festival programme is on pages 10/11 with a few surprises to delight your social calendar. (Wink, wink, heads up Kate Bush fans!).

Haworth, Oxenhope, Lees & Cross Roads Gardenersí and Allotment Holdersí Association are holding their 100th Show. (Thatís impressive...and a mouthful! I hope no one is offended, weíve shortened it to Haworth and District). Stanbury, Oldfield, Oakworth, and the rest of our neighbours are equally welcome to join in and participate.

Get growing, knitting, jamming, preserving and show up for this great British spectacle.

Many thoroughly enjoyed the 1960s event that took place in Haworth Central Park last month. Well done to the organising committee and all the volunteers involved; by all accounts it was a great success.

On the subject of welcoming visitors and providing public amenities, Haworth, Cross Roads & Stanbury Parish Council have appointed a new warden to take on some of the duties that Bradford District Council recently withdrew. Read more about in this months mag.

Happy 200th Birthday to Emily Bronte, a woman whoís creative spirit continues to inspire and spark the imagination of many around the world while remaining rooted in our beloved Worth valley.

Have a cracking summer!


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The Aire Valley Mag reaches Keighley Town Centre, Silsden, Steeton, Eastburn, Sutton, Cross Hills, and Glusburn. Aire Valley (Group 3) is delivered to Keighley Central, Utley, Fell Lane, Exley Head, Long Lee, Riddlesden & East Morton. The Worth Valley Mag reaches Haworth, Lees, Cross Roads, Oakworth, Oldfield, Stanbury, Oxenhope and Leeming.

The mags are handy guides to local shops, services, products and leisure attractions for residents and visitors to the area. Each edition includes a local business directory, articles, special features, reviews, useful contact numbers, puzzles, an events diary and community pages - all with a special local focus.

There is a mix of commericial and free non commercial space available for businesses, non profit organisations, public entities, municiple services, and community groups.

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We hope you will join us in this endeavour.

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